Review of Far Cry 6 – The Sins of the Fathers

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Review of Far Cry 6 – The Sins of the Fathers

“The fear will not win the revolution. Those who can arouse fear will win. “

There’s no point in making up for it: the sixth installment of Far Cry since its unveiling has looked like a uniform sequel to the established series, sticking to a somewhat outspoken template of playability, structure and style like a tick. It was in this spirit that my impressions of the first hours of my own playing were carried, but then I began to realize that things had changed quite noticeably. The game is significantly larger and mechanically and narratively more elaborate than previous parts. Undoubtedly also because, according to completely infinitely long headlines, she worked on it perhaps completely all Ubisoft studios. The result is a title that, with its size and sophistication rather than the previous episodes of the Far Cry series, reminded me of much larger and more famous action games with an open world.

  • Platform: PS5 (peer-reviewed version), PS4, X1, XSX | S, PC
  • Date of publication: 7. 10. 2021
  • Producer: Ubisoft Toronto (Canada) and others
  • Genre: Open World FPS
  • Czech localization: born
  • Multiplayer: 2 players online
  • Data to download: 39 GB
  • Game time: 25+ hours
  • Price: 1799 CZK (Xzone)

The story draws you in

The fictional Caribbean island of Yara (clearly inspired by Cuba), frozen due to a bloody government coup in the last century, suffers from poverty, among other things. It is here that President Antón Castillo promises to solve, who, thanks to a breakthrough medicine from local plants, will offer the world a cure for cancer, which should also bring wealth and prosperity to the island’s inhabitants. But they are actually working on chemical-covered plantations, where they are dying of omnipotent diseases. As the president tightens his military regime on the island, a resistance smelter begins to form, joining you as a man or woman named Dani Rojas. The Far Cry series has always built its story on the unmissable central villain, and many of us have been very curious as to what performance the famous actor Giancarlo Esposito will perform as president. Unfortunately, I have to disappoint you, you will actually see quite a few in the game, moreover, mostly in indirectly related films set elsewhere. What’s worse, I was impressed all the time by a weak, pity retiree with a bland expression. Fortunately, the game script will make up for it very nicely for other characters and parts of the story.

Far Cry 6 moves the traditional template of “a few interesting / significant missions and a lot of indistinct side pads” much closer to modern RPG games, which try not to make any main missions (or qeust) boring and also to make the side missions have similarly fun to enter or a story as the main ones. As a result, you will enjoy both relatively traditional missions, from the turmoil with machine gun turrets and air raids to silent creeping through enemy territory, as well as relatively non-traditional missions, the purpose of which will be to get drunk and get closer to one of the supporting characters or to celebrate properly. won the battle at a secret dance party. Thanks to this, you will get a much better relationship not only with various supporting characters from the resistance movement, but also with yours. Dani begins as a bland protagonist, but gradually reveals his difficult past and accumulates traumatic experiences thanks to the many tragic deaths of friends or comrades on the road to liberation of the island, as well as a surprisingly peculiar relationship with the president’s son. Thirteen-year-old Diego is, after all, a much more interesting and unpredictable “villain” than his father. Otherwise, the razor-written message of the characters and, above all, the acting performance of the female representative Dani deserve to be highlighted.

Thirteen-year-old Diego is a more interesting “villain” than his father.

Thus, although the story of the play begins indistinctly and predictably, thanks to the varied cast and emphasis on the relationships between the characters and the development of the protagonist, it will eventually win you over. The overall tone is also helped by the ability to swing from totally shot fun with drunk friends to a raw gloomy tragedy, full of betrayal and death. The play does not take any napkins and serves some scenes with really harsh brutality, which is further aided by the very film music of the Brazilian composer Pedro Bromfano. Central melody I also found it indistinct on the first listen, but as he worked with its variations during the game, it eventually got very deep under my skin, as did the atmosphere and the story of the whole game. If you are looking for a great story campaign for one player, I can recommend Far Cry 6 and it will be interesting if the next two great shooters of this year (COD and Halo) approach its story qualities. But it is also great fun for everyone who is simply looking for a traditional explosive mix of rampage with a varied arsenal of weapons and vehicles.

Scope, variety, actions

I don’t know the exact area numbers, but as soon as the whole map of Yara and the adjacent smaller islands opened up in front of me, I was immediately impressed that this is the largest open world in the series so far. In recent years, Ubisoft has demonstrated in its games (Wildlands, Odyssey) the ability to create truly beautiful, vast, colorful and sophisticated game landscapes. Far Cry 6 is no exception, on the contrary: if the right time of day and weather come together during your journey through the forest, climbing one of the local hills or climbing some of the buildings in local towns, you will be amazed at how well and realistically this game can to look like. It’s not always and everywhere true, but when it works, you will experience beautiful scenery. On the PS5, it all runs perfectly smoothly, whether you play alone or in cooperation with a friend.

The gaming experience is further enhanced by being full of dynamic events. It will happen to you repeatedly that you get involved in some random skirmish between the inhabitants of the island and the military regime, much more often a full-fledged shootout (including falling down helicopters, etc.) than just a generic animation of the interaction of NPC characters. Of course, you can also get involved properly, with a much richer arsenal than ever before. Weapons and armor have 4 levels of “quality”, but thanks to the fun system of adjusting them, you can easily make a great weapon for the whole passage through the game from the popular first level pistol. Personally, I quite avoided the “resolver” with weapons, which with their absurdity (CD thrower, etc.) spoiled the realistic atmosphere of the game. But it pays to invest in upgrades to your resolver backpack, as this will unlock different types of grenades and gadgets. You can also modify your own armed vehicle and gradually collect a full garage from horses and motorcycles to tanks or helicopters.

It helps the experience of the game world to be full of dynamic events.

In addition to many story and side missions, the world is also full of road closures and enemy bases that you can occupy. For example, I really enjoyed firing anti-aircraft turrets from a distance, so that I would get lost in the jungle before the shocked soldiers of the station could find me. However, the game cleverly adapts to your improving equipment and abilities by gradually improving enemies, who will begin to wear better armor and weapons, as well as search or chase you more aggressively. But it’s nothing as exaggerated as Far Cry: New Dawn, the vast majority of enemies you kill the whole game with one blow to the head. Artificial intelligence as such can conjure both senselessly stupid situations and some very exciting and fun pursuits. This also applies to your animal “amigo” friends – sometimes they literally get under your feet, other times they really help. The great mechanics are the ability to hide a weapon and walk among enemies like a civilian, while some soldiers get the opportunity to bribe. The DualSense driver, which works best of all action games so far (including Black Ops: Cold War or Returnal), also greatly contributes to a good experience from game mechanics. Not only will you feel the caliber of the weapon in your hands thanks to the haptic response, but also the weight and inertia of your vehicle or, for example, every single stomp of your horse’s hoof. After this experience, I refuse to play future action titles other than with DualSens in hand.

Other observations

In addition to dozens of main and secondary missions and dozens of other (optional) bases to fill in the game, you will also find a plethora of bonus activities, which usually contribute in a meaningful way to the overall economy of resources in the game. In order to improve your bases, equipment and vehicles, you will have to collect not only money, but also fuel, materials and medicines. Because the arsenal is really varied, you always have something else in mind that you would like to buy or improve, so exploring the island is enriched by a meaningful search for resources. Or you can win them in larger numbers at once, for example in cockfights (somewhat in the style of classic threshers) or in an optional manager’s mini-game, where you send your captains on expeditions for specific resources. You can do as much or as little of these different things as you enjoy.

In addition to the campaign itself, you can also play a special mission for two cooperatively with a friend (which can also be played with public matchmaking or in one player). These stand-alone missions are done specifically for cooperation and even have their own story movies, it’s not just some cheap recycling of content from the main game or the horde or something like that. At the time of our playing, only the first two were available, with more coming later. We tried a stealthy procedure with crossed support from snipers (“you take it on the left, I take it on the right – three, two, one – poof, pouf – they’re down, we’re moving on” – or who experienced the Chernobyl mission from the original Modern Warfare, has an idea) but also fun mechanics, when we had to bring to the end of the map an overheating “bomb”, with which it was necessary to proceed in the shadows and sometimes cool it with water. The developers definitely do not lack ideas. We can only hope that the future additional content will maintain a decently set bar of quality.


Far Cry 6

We like

  • A fun mix of weapons and vehicles
  • An extensive and elaborate world
  • A story as soon as it starts more
  • Editability of weapons
  • Cooperative multiplayer
  • Excellent use of DualSense drivers

It bothers us

  • Again the same “Far Cry template”
  • The villain is not so interesting

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