REVIEW: Kenya: The Bridge of Spirits under its rough facade covers its diameter

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REVIEW: Kenya: The Bridge of Spirits under its rough facade covers its diameter

We originally learned about Ken: Bridge of Spirits from Ember Lab at Sony’s big show on the unveiling of the new PlayStation 5. As it turned out, Kena is not an exclusivity (buy on a PC), but forbidden xboxes forbidden . And that’s why Sony was still in charge of Sony first. That’s why we included Ken on PlayStation 5.

Anyone who has seen at least one trailer for the game must immediately understand what Kena: Bridge of Spirits has priority for. It looks like you’re playing an Disney animk game. Cute characters and perks, a colorful and elaborate game world and the accessibility of whole families clearly underline it all. I have to admit that the game looks as dark on PS5 as it does in trailers.

The two cars were admired. There is, for example, a photo mode with which you can win: the whole world freezes in the middle of the fight because of the photo. On PlayStation 5, you can also choose whether the game will have a resolution of 60 frames per second with artificial 4K, or native 4K at 30 FPS. In both cases, the game looks really beautiful, it excels especially on an HDR TV.

So this is the lead to what was expected of Kenya: the beautiful Disney graphics that make the PlayStation 5 perform. nhlmi decreases in fluency. Unfortunately, we did not have a PC version available in the editorial office, nor can we verify it.

I started to play it lightly in the water with the course of the game. Take on the role of a young Kenya girl who is a kind of friend caring for a lost due. Explore the cursed locations together and get them back to their original state, so you have some discovery of a mountain hut. I have to admit that the game doesn’t bother to explain anything much and let the short vs go behind the pointer on the map, there to fulfill what is yours, and move vs again a bit longer.

Pbh itself is here in a style that is not to be missed, and it is definitely not the main thing that moves you forward. Obasely talk to various other pilgrims, who explained to you what you need to enter in the current location to get rid of the curse, and you go again for a long time. Ken himself doesn’t know much, her personality is not particularly divorced. It’s a code, there’s a lot of untapped potential left.

Then there’s the gameplay itself, which probably can’t be described as not enough. Kenya: Bridge of Spirits takes the whole gameplay into a safe place, and on the contrary avoids risky innovations. The result is a bit of a dozen acne adventure from the point of view of a person. The heroine is available in the fight of light holes, tk holes, bows and bomb throws, on the defensive side she can dodge, block the blows and exert special abilities that give her the cute creature Rot.

REVIEW: Kenya: The Bridge of Spirits under its rough facade covers its diameter

Collect these small perks throughout the game, and you should have them. You can poke them, and they will lift the fallen statue from the ground, move the trunk out of the way and change into a bright snake, which can destroy the vegetation planted by the curse. In combat, I can, for example, seize any enemy for a while or they will catch up for additional health. In the moments outside of the fight, you can then collect crystals from the chests and buy cute epics.

In addition to those crystals, then collect for good deeds the flow of perks (including the fact that you will find them some fruit to sndku) and karma, for which you then improve your own abilities. The bag is not very much glued here and it can be used up very quickly.

In addition to the fight, you and Kena will often climb rocks, jump (you have a double jump right from the turn) and later use the bow like ropes for pitaen. Here and there you come across some puzzle. At least on PlayStation, the game has mastered the time, and I would like to know that they are neptel mon and a little beaten mercilessly (where I beat, and according to that they fill the streams, or sometimes do not even give me the opportunity to armor), with gameplay otherwise no problems.

This is because the game in the base sets the fullest difficulty of t. So I first left it there and then paused over the dark, to find a number of reminders that some fights with the bosses are and bent tk. That’s why I tried different difficulties and I have to agree with the truth that although there are only three levels, it’s quite a different experience. For a medium that is normal, some people are suddenly far out of place. But it’s up to you whether you want to explore the world of the game or practice your reflexes in combat.

REVIEW: Kenya: The Bridge of Spirits under its rough facade covers its diameter

Kadopdn vs game a lot of impunity and there are plenty of clues. Although it could be taken for granted by some winds of souls, for death vs the game does not penalize in any way and in short two new attempts round and round.

I was so bothered by the gameplay outside the fight and the power of invisible walls, which forbid you to jump somewhere where it seems to seem to be accessible. But hey, just vs let cars go. Hern svt is open to TV, but in fact it is quite tied in where you should go at a given moment.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits probably shows me the most that cars would rather make animated movies than games themselves. It all looks crazy, after the improved version of Ghost of Tsushima, it’s the kind of best game on PS5 that I’ve played so far. If only the whole graphic scratch was supported by a better course and gameplay, which is at least a little bit interesting, and not just to remove the imaginary list of necessary elements.

As a result, in addition to exploring the beautiful gaming world, I have the best of these Rot perks and the effort to give them as many crazy days as possible. Pbh, on the other hand, quite disappointed me. The only thing left is the gameplay, which is just good, what is the characteristic that pays for the whole game … it’s just good. It does not spike to the screen, it does not escape a tear, it does not freeze from the intensity of the fight, it only briefly shows what such a normal acne adventure with nice graphics looks like.

Is it the championship of Ember Lab? Probably yes. But a pt look to get some better screenwriters and designers, to inflate the game world and the whole and necessary to complete the game from some eight hours to at least twenty, and then it will be the stone.


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