Revenge of the Mustache – Gassiev: the favorite of the match

Реванш Усик – Гассиев: назван фаворит поединка

The fight between the Russian boxer Murat by Gassieva and Ukrainian Alexander Usik should get together and win it Russian

About it is safe, said General Secretary of Federation of Boxing of Russia Umar Kremlev.

The official said that Murat will not be easy to take revenge on the Ukrainians for losing in the finals of the world Boxing series.

Реванш Усик – Гассиев: назван фаворит поединка

The Kremlin will do its best to achieve a rematch between these two boxers.

In the victory of his subordinate he had no doubt.

“The challenge before us is to hold a rematch. We will get a second fight if the Moustache will not go away from Boxing. I personally believe that Murat quietly win. Just with Alexander need another way to fight, as did Egor Mekhontsev in the semifinal of the world Cup 2009”.

Kremlev believes that in the first fight Gassiev chose the wrong tactics in the fight, and therefore lost.

“Sasha is a very good fighter. He leaves a good impression behind. But if we talk about the sports component, I think Murat is better than him. Just for the first battle Gassiev chose the wrong tactics”, — quotes the words of the Secretary R-sport.

Earlier we wrote that former world champion in heavy weight Murat Gassiev waiting for the opportunity to fight against absolute world champion in the heavyweight Alexander Usik. This was stated by the Russian trainer Abel Sanchez.

In addition, Gassiev is considering a move to the heavyweight division, where possible, and to meet with the Moustache.

Реванш Усик – Гассиев: назван фаворит поединка

“Murat has already finished recovery after injury. He realizes that he was not ready on 100% in the fight against whiskers. So Murat is waiting for the opportunity to step in the ring with the Ukrainian. With regard to the transition of Murat in the heavyweight division, I believe that the final decision he will take, when will be back”.

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The coach of the Russians also rated the chances of our own in the heavyweight division.

“Mustache is a talented fighter. I think he’s a good show and in the heavyweight division. He is very technical and it is difficult to get. Add to this the speed of the hands. All this will help him to achieve success. The only thing that will work against him is the size of rivals. In the second half of matches it can play a crucial role,” said Sanchez in an interview for Worldboxingnews.

Recall that for the first time Oleksandr Usyk came together with Murat by Gassieva in July 2018 in Moscow.

Recall that the expert estimated the chances of the Barbel in superteach: “it’s too early to go to Joshua.”

As reported Politeka previously revealed the secret to winning Moustache: “the Fat champion bring exclusive”.

Politeka also wrote that Vladimir Klitschko’s chances of Usyk in the heavyweight division.

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