Revelations of a prostitute about sex with a married

I save your marriage, dear.

Одкровення повії про секс з одруженими

That I worked as a prostitute, known only to my mother, my loving husband (he’s the reason I have gone out of business) and several friends. Of course, mother treated it with horror: for her, this lifestyle is unacceptable, but she rarely talked to me about it. And I’m not trying to tell you and prove. We just knew it and kept silent.

Everything changed when I met the man I loved. In fact, my feelings for him was enough to once and for all get rid of this work. Although, to be honest, I would have still worked. And the only reason for this decision is money. For the months of work I could make some money on expensive car, not denying yourself the opportunity to go to expensive stores and eat in restaurants. Now I am 25 years old.

I must disappoint those who would like to know that we are beaten and drugged. It is not. It is our conscious choice. And as soon as we want to get out of the game, the doors are open. I can tell you that it really is.

There is a myth that all prostitutes full of fools. The type of smart woman better go to wash the floors for inexpensive than sleeping with solvent men. Nonsense! To do this, to be interesting for rich men, you not only have a beautiful body, but also brains to know multiple languages, have a sense of style (few people want to strip the ugly woman) and, of course, be able to hold a conversation. I once was on a “business trip”: men paid for my ticket, accommodation and full content, and I brightened their trip — communication and sex.

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So, I have often been approached by married men. And I’m not sorry their legitimate wives, as a rule, they are all good. Perhaps it is even lovely women who truly love their men and are grateful for a comfortable life. Just these men are complete assholes that don’t open in front of your family and do not share, sometimes wild sexual fantasies. And share with me. Because I will do everything what they pay for. It’s easier: they paid money for the service I provided. Everyone is happy. Including a wife who did not even realize that her pious excited when he write. Whether its a strap-on. Or when I pretend to be a corpse — in the sense of not moving and do not emit any sounds. They can to strangle me, I can give a slap in the face, can spin how you want. It’s scary, but it was my bread and butter. And by the way, I know in the face of almost all the wives of their clients. They showed me family pictures on your phone! And tell how love and how to appreciate it. And after 15 minutes it happens we have sex. And then they came back home to his wife. He is happy, wife is happy from her own ignorance, she would have had to go through, and I — with money. Everyone received what expected.

Sometimes, before sex it never came. Some men were so exhausted family life that they simply wanted to complain that grisly they live, poor boys. Imagine: a man calls a prostitute and pays her money just to tell his poor wife. For me, this is worse than to call a hooker for sex.

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And yet, funny to recall, came very young, but very rich guys. Married, of course. As a rule, the heirs of the family business. These young people were terrified of being embarrassed in front of his woman. And came to me for lessons. One of them literally tortured me! An absolute loser who will likely never be able to make a woman cum. Wham-BAM, knock-knock, flips. I tried to give him some tips but he wouldn’t listen. Not surprising if he tried to listen to a woman’s body, everything would turn out. In the end I had to portray a fantastic orgasm several times. Such orgasms do not happen, but it comforted him. For my “ability to have orgasms,” he left me a lot of money. In General, most men don’t even know what to do in bed. And I think many will agree with me women. Even those who are not working in my business. When was your last orgasm?

About perversion and I I can not say much, I was lucky, but my “colleagues” had hard times. For example, anal sex is banned, but this rule you can earn good money. A kind of “leftist” clients know that it is banned, it excites even more, and they are ready to give you over time a little more money. And my friend called one day by one person, and had to work even with his friends: while one had sex, the others looked on. And so one by one. To get out of this hell did not work, the men were in the money, and then at the guards. The latter annoyed me the most: when they appear, you already know that can just not go back. Who knows what is in the mind of these guys.

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Sorry that was in that case? Sometimes. Especially when it was scary. Now it all behind and it is unlikely I will advise my friends this. But I’m not judging: it is.

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