Revealed shocking detail of the death of Princess Diana: “a very small injury”

Выяснилась шокирующая деталь в гибели принцессы Дианы: "очень маленькая травма"

Forensic expert Richard shepherd in the book “Unnatural causes. Notes of a medical examiner” told about the real causes of the death of Princess Diana

On 31 August 1997 in a traffic accident killed Princess Diana and Dodi al Fayed. He is immediately on the scene, and she was in the hospital after surgery.

Выяснилась шокирующая деталь в гибели принцессы Дианы: "очень маленькая травма"

When the coroner of the Royal court conducted the autopsy of the bodies, concluded that both died from wounds received as a result of the accident, writes

Since then, however, the issues associated with their deaths, have not disappeared. That though as-that to constrain the flow of conspiracy theories, in 2004, was opened police investigation led by sir John Stevens, the senior Commissioner of the London police. He had to figure out was whether the death of both victims by accident.

The Mercedes with Diana and Dodi speeding around Paris, trying to evade the pursuing photographers. The car crashed into a concrete pillar in the Alma tunnel at speeds over 100 km/h.

So, if there is sudden braking at that speed body not wearing passengers not staying with the car. They continue moving forward and then beat against the windshield or sitting in front of people.

Diana and Dodi were sitting in the rear seats without being buckled in. The driver also was not wearing a seatbelt and hit the steering wheel, and behind it hit Dodi, whose body continued to move at speeds over 100 km/h. the Driver was for Dodi a safety cushion and instantly died.

Guard Dodi, Trevor sat to the right of the driver in front of Diana and was wearing a seat belt.

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Triggered airbag was slightly softened the blow that hit him from the back seat flew from the body of Diana. Due to the fact that the belt Trevor absorbed part of the impact energy, she’s got a few fractures and a chest injury.

To arrival “fast” Dodi and the driver of the car was dead, the paramedics took the wounded. They didn’t know Diana, which was saying something. Trevor, who was a double blow, seemed more seriously injured. On his ambulance picked up the first, while Diana remained clamped the front passenger seat.

Выяснилась шокирующая деталь в гибели принцессы Дианы: "очень маленькая травма"

When her pulled from the car and was taken to the hospital, no one knew about the small gap in the Vienna of her lung. Due to the fact that the pressure in the veins is not so strong as in the arteries and the blood drains from them slowly, Diana lost consciousness on the path to the hospital.

Doctors from the beginning had no idea about the break-up of the lung area, hidden deep in the chest. But the blood from her veins was slowly pouring into the chest cavity, and heart stopped. Only in the operating room, doctors discovered a torn vein and tried to sew, but it was too late.

Diana received a very small injury — it only fell on the most unfortunate place.

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