Return from the dead: man found alive 9 years after cremation

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 Return from the dead: man found alive 9 years after cremation

An elderly Chinese man stunned his relatives by making a “return from the dead”. The curious incident comes nine years after a grandfather was mistakenly believed to have been cremated after escaping from a nursing home, writes the Mirror.

Zhuo Kangluo was identified by authorities last week after his grandson recognized him on a missing persons poster. The elderly man refused to answer any questions from investigators before a DNA test showed a match to his brother, baffling the family, who had thought he was dead for years.

Kangluo escaped from the nursing home in 2014. Relatives and villagers mistakenly identified him from a body found shortly thereafter on the side of a road in the area. The body was cremated as Zhuo's nephew said he did not want an autopsy performed.

The man was presumed dead until authorities in Chongqing, China responded to reports of the man's strange behavior by filing a missing person's report.< br />
Authorities are currently trying to identify the cremated person, according to China News Network.

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