Retired, Billionaires and Passionate Players: The Biggest Casino Wins

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 Retired, Billionaires, and Passionate Gamblers: Biggest Casino Wins

Casino in Las Vegas and win up to $40 million.
Australian billionaire Kerry Packer decided to try his hand at blackjack and baccarat to find out what these games are and how they are played. As a result, the Australian managed to win more than once. There were so many winnings that the exact total figure is unknown. According to various estimates, he won from 20 to 40 million dollars. According to public information about Pecker's winnings that evening, he also left a generous tip to the staff working at the casino that evening. In this case, despite the fact that Kerry Packer won up to $ 40 million in one casino, there is information that he lost millions of dollars in another casino.

Atlantic City and 15 million dollars.
If Kerry Packer didn't have a strategy, as the story claims, then the next player knew exactly what he was doing. He was even called the “Atlantic City Killer” for three months at three casinos in Atlantic City because of John Johnson, who won about $15 million in three different casinos on the coast in a few months. Also, some people from the gambling industry claim that Johnson used dubious means to win, but the player himself denies this fact. Johnson believes that a player should always have a deep understanding of the strategy, especially when it comes to blackjack. Also, in his opinion, it is important to easily perceive not only a win, but a loss.

Virginia and almost $4 million.
In Virginia, a retired teacher won nearly $4 million. In 2006, Beverly Witten played slot machines for two hours and won a $3.7 million jackpot as a result. She was so overwhelmed by the amount she won that she asked the casino to pay her the money in monthly installments of about $2,000.
The biggest win in Europe was almost $2 million.

The most famous win in Europe was in one of the casinos in London. There, in 2008, the former billionaire and owner of the Newcastle football club Mike Ashley won $1.6 million. Ashley spent 15 minutes at Fifty Casino playing roulette, winning 1.6 million. Interestingly, Ashley only bet on the number 17. Considering the chances of winning that much on one bet – luck was on his side.
Monte Carlo and one million francs
Charles Wells was another lucky winner who managed to win a considerable amount in the casino. The man is well known for being able to beat the casino. He took out a bank loan in 1891 and played roulette for eleven hours, “breaking the bank” 12 times!

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