Retire to study: 11-year-old Australian became a millionaire

News » Life Style Retire to study: 11-year-old Australian became a millionaire

11-year-old Australian Pixie Curtis claims she earns at least $133,000 a month and plans to “retire” soon. out of business to focus on school. Pixie also revealed that she owns a luxury Mercedes although she can't drive one yet.

Pixie and her mother run a business called Pixie's Pix. This is a kind of virtual store where bows and hair ties are sold. The business took off with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, and brought in Pixie an impressive income.

“Over the past few months, we have been discussing business plans as a family and decided that three years has been an amazing journey, but it’s time to focus on high school, which is just around the corner,” – says mother of young business genius Roxy Curtis. “Pixie's Pix Store will be open, but we plan to spend much less time and nerves on it.”

The family received a lot of criticism after Pixie's mother bought her a Mercedes. for $52,000.

“It's important to us that kids get to and from school safely, which is why I bought this car”,– explains Roxy.

Pixie herself also commented on her “early retirement” by posting a flashback photo of herself, explaining that she is returning to where it all began.

&ldquo ;I'm the little girl on #pixiesbows. Time to hang up your toy shoes and go back to where it all started”,– Pixie wrote.

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