Resurgence in Arab Sector: Victims' Mothers Protest

A surge in violence in the Arab sector: mothers of victims protest

On the evening of September 25, dozens of people gathered outside the home of the Minister of Internal Security Omer Bar-Lev to protest against the rising level of violence in the Arab sector. < br />
This is reported by Ynet.

The mothers of the killed led the demonstration. In total, about 120 people came to protest.

Over the past weekend, the number of victims in the Arab sector since the beginning of the year increased to 92, of which only six – over the past week.

& quot; I want to know who killed my son. I constantly turn to the Haifa police and prosecutor's office, but they tell me that there is no evidence, '' said one of the mothers.

A member of the United Arab List, Ayman Uda, was also present at the demonstration.

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