Restaurant is a family business

Restaurant is a family business

Restaurant business & ndash; thin. Often family, and even inherited. After all, it is so difficult to grow literally in the kitchen and not absorb all the flavors, not grasp the subtleties, not study recipes and not start inventing your own. This also happened in the Amaev family.

Many remember the Shallot restaurant in Tel Aviv, which was opened by the famous Moscow restaurateur Misha Amaev. A mixture of cuisines of different styles, amazing quality of products and a fantastic atmosphere, luxurious banquets and fine-tuned catering & ndash; all of this set Shallot apart from the multitude of Tel Aviv restaurants. Its owner, the most hospitable and charismatic Misha, was legendary.

Now a new legend is being created around a fresh project, a restaurant with a Georgian accent Jon Joli, which Misha Amaev presents together with his sons Daniel and David in the very center of Herzliya Pituach.

 The restaurant is a family business

Brothers welcome guests, think over new dishes, monitor the quality and, according to the father, have grown into a worthy replacement. It remains for Misha to fill this place with his charm and rejoice at the talents and successes of the children.

Jon Joli & ndash; not just another Georgian style place. This is the author's take on one of the most delicious culinary traditions. The eyes of Misha Amaev himself and his sons, who have become full participants in the family business, have mastered all the subtleties of the kitchen and are ready to amaze.

Surprise at Jon Joli with the most varied dishes. From the freshest fish appetizers such as ceviche and tartars, to the famous chef's fish cutlets with perfect julienne mashed potatoes. Lush khachapuri of all kinds with different types of cheese, flatbreads stuffed with greens and the thinnest focaccia in three versions, including truffle, are ordered even by those who do not eat bread.

 Restaurant & ndash; family business

It seems that after snacks and khachapuri nothing can be eaten, but it turns out that you have not yet tried the famous fish soup with ravioli and salmon, after which you want to find out the broth recipe by any means. Since Georgia, besides cheese and bread, is also vegetables, special attention is paid to them in Jon Joli. Every salad, and there are enough of them here, in every tomato slice, sweet pepper slice and cilantro leaf, thanks to the author's dressings and sauces, blooms with a unique taste. By the way, sauces in this restaurant play one of the main roles, and David Amaev is responsible for them, as well as for the impeccable freshness of the products & ndash; raw fish dishes are his forte, and for the appearance on the menu of novelties.

The wine list and cocktail menu at Jon Joli deserve close examination. The selection of wines is impeccable, and the bartender's skill in preparing cocktails is impeccable.

Any event celebrated at a table like that at Jon Joli becomes a celebration. And how can they do big holidays, & ndash; with real southern hospitality, few people can.

We are waiting for you at: Ha-Sadnaot, 9, Herzliya Pituach!
Phone: 09-796-5666


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