“Rest from Hell”: Arabs attack kayakers in the Galilee

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 "Rest from Hell": Arabs attack kayakers in Galilee

Israeli TV channel 12 has published a report on the increasing incidence of attacks by Arabs against tourists who commit kayak trips along the rivers in the north of the country.

Arabs block rivers at the end of routes, throw stones and bottles at vacationers, curse them and turn on loud music on the banks. In some cases, the Arabs jump into the boats to make them lose their balance.

Several people were injured by stones and bottles. .

Israeli family with small children attacked by 30 Arabs writes on Instagram: “Rest from Hell”.

Groups of Arab rioters organize on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram.

In order to combat this phenomenon, local authorities have adopted by-laws banning barbecues and loud music in national parks and recreation areas. Weekend kayak rental business owners hire police officers to guard the trails.

Giora Salz, head of the Upper Galilee Regional Council, said that most of the incidents are not related to local Arabs, but to visitors deliberately attacking vacationers.

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