Residents of Umm al-Fahm collect a fine of 3500 shekels of 10 agorot

Residents of Umm al-Fahm collected a fine of 3500 shekels for 10 agorot

In Umm al-Fahm, residents supported their printing house owner Jamal Mahamid.

A certain Temple Mount activist Yair Kakheti appealed to Jamal for for him to print flyers for him with the text “ Return to the Mountain – Temple Mount Ransom Movement ''. Jamal got angry and refused Kakheti, saying: “ What other mountain ?! What watermelon? This is our Muslim Al-Aqsa Mosque! Go to hell! & Rdquo;

Yair Kakheti decided that he would not leave it like that and filed a complaint against the printer in the small court, demanding the maximum amount that could be requested in that case – 33,800 shekels.

However, the senior registrar Marat Dorfman did not consider that Kakheti really wanted to use the printing house of Mahamid, and was satisfied with compensation for Kakheti in the amount of 3,000 shekels and 500 shekels to cover legal costs.

& ldquo ; I base my decision on the fact that the plaintiff sent inquiries to only three Arab printers. This is a frivolous approach to business. Those who want to find cheaper will not be satisfied with three queries. And in the end, the plaintiff made an order in Jerusalem, where he lives. It is worth noting that the complainant did not even try to contact the defendant in advance with a claim for compensation before going to court with a claim. ” In the shortest possible time, the required amount was collected. All in coins of 10 agorot.

Jamal Mahamid himself said that from the very beginning it was clear to him that the applicant did not care about printing, he just wanted to file a lawsuit. & ldquo; There are many printing houses in Jerusalem. He just decided to harm us. ” Mahamid thanked the residents of his city for such an original and quick help.

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