Residents of the Czech Republic demanding the resignation suspected of corruption, Prime Minister

Жители Чехии требуют отставки подозреваемого в коррупции премьер-министра

Thousands of protesters in the Czech Republic again took to the streets to protest against the government of Prime Minister Andrew Babish.

According to DW, the activists staged a demonstration with placards, “Babish in jail” and “Resignation”. Large-scale protests, which gathered hundreds of protesters, took place in Brno, Plzen, Ostrava and Liberec, reports the with reference to NV.

According to police, in Brno on the streets gathered about 2.5 thousand protesters.

Mass protests, which continue in the Czech Republic for the fifth week, initiates a civil Union, a Million moments for democracy.

The reason for the demonstrations was suspicion of Babish in corruption. The investigation claims that the former billionaire and entrepreneur Andrew Babish in 2007 illegally received EU grants in the amount of two million dollars in favor of his holding Agrofert. Initially, subsidies were designed to support small businesses. The Prime Minister denies the facts of violations and calls the case politically motivated.

In addition, the protesters fear that the newly appointed Minister of justice Marie Benesova can slow down the investigation against the Babish. The Prime Minister argues that the purpose of beresovoy not a threat to justice.

President of Latvia is elected lawyer Egils Levits

Despite the protests, right populist party of Babish Action of disgruntled citizens won a victory in the Czech Republic in the European Parliament elections. Representatives of the party get 6 seats out of 21 seats, put the Czech Republic in the European Parliament.

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