Residential wall collapses in Holon, 16 families evacuated

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 House wall collapses in Holon, 16 families evacuated

16 families were evacuated from their flats on Pinhas Lavon Street in Holon due to the collapse of the wall to which the electrical cabinet was connected during the TAMA 38 project.< br />
While pouring the concrete wall on the fourth floor, the old block wall collapsed and the concrete leaked onto the stairwell. The building was declared dangerous to residents, and firefighters called to the scene, along with civil engineers, decided to evacuate the residents and ordered the electricity and gas to be turned off.

The city engineer announced that the collapsed wall had been restored and was now time there is no danger. The electric company, for its part, is awaiting permission from the police and fire department to restore the blackouts.

Tzachi Taviv, vice president of Nitzanim, which is implementing a project for 96 families in several homes in this area, assured residents today in a conversation that the danger had passed and “in a few hours the electricity will return.”

Taviv says: “From our point of view, we already have permission from last night to return into the building, but we are waiting for the approval of various authorities. We came last night to help the residents who were evacuated, we offered them to live in the same hotel, and we will pay their expenses."

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