Resident of Jisr al-Zarqa stole the Olympic chain by Lina Ashram

 A resident of Jisr al-Zarqa stole the Olympic chain from Lina Ashram

Last week, during an event at the Wingate Institute, legendary Israeli gymnast and Olympic champion Lina Ashram had her Olympic chain stolen. The chain was made in honor of her victory at the Tokyo Olympics.

Israeli police conducted an operation in the village of Jisr al-Zarqa, near Caesarea, and arrested a 24-year-old Arab. Drugs were found on him.

After the arrest, a relative of the detainee arrived at the police station and started shouting threats. The police searched the relative and found … chain Lina Ashram. The man was detained and taken to the Hadera Court.

Recall that the theft was committed last week when Lina visited the Wingate Institute as a guest of honor.

“A necklace that given to me after the Olympics, stolen from my bag at the Wingate Institute. The necklace is very important to me from an emotional point of view”, – Ashram said.

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