Researchers have identified the most attractive part of the female breast

Дослідники визначили найпривабливіші частини жіночих грудей

A team of Polish physicians used the tracking technology to look in order to determine what part of the female breast are more likely to pay attention. Turned – on bottom part and nipples. The study was conducted specifically for plastic surgeons.

The experiment involved 50 men and 50 women. They put on a special device-tracker and asked to evaluate a virtual 3D model of the female breast on a scale from 1 to 10. Nationality and sexual orientation of participants is not called, we only know that they are from Europe.

Дослідники визначили найпривабливіші частини жіночих грудей

By tracking the eye movements of participants, doctors have created a map with the most “attractive” places. It turned out that both men and women often looked at the same places: 29% of the total time was spent in their overview of the lower part of the chest and 28% on the nipples. The assessment raised by the participants, was not considered: this is the job they were given to those more considered image.

Scientists also noted that people may have to look at something not for attractiveness, but for contours that catch your eye – so large and disproportionate Breasts are still a sight to behold.

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