Researchers have found useful than flirt at work

Дослідники з'ясували, чим корисний флірт на роботі

Flirting at work
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Flirting with colleagues can reduce stress levels at work, says a new study, which was published in the journal Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.

During their study, researchers tracked the “non-aggressive social sexual behavior in the workplace” and found that a slight mutual flirting between the employees, which is not perceived as humiliating, reduces stress and acts as a kind of buffer against stress-related working tension and insomnia.

They studied the types of flirtatious behavior included “a modest view and compliments about appearance, and these behaviors benefit”. This was told by the doctor of philosophy, research associate and associate Professor at the University of Washington Leah Sheppard.


The scientists also noted that flirting is not always associated with romantic interest in a colleague, but can also occur in the context of opposite-sex Platonic relationships and between same-gender and different sexual orientation.

“Our research shows that when we flirteo with pleasure – pleasure is a key factor – this leads to an accumulation of what we call “psihosotsialnie resources. Basically, is the sense of influence, sense of attractiveness, a sense of involvement. These psycho-social resources, in turn, lead to lower levels of stress”, says Sheppard.

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