Researchers for example, rats have proved the effectiveness of caffeine for weight loss

Scientists on the example of laboratory rats have proved the effectiveness of caffeine for quick weight loss. The opening will allow to cope with obesity, which has become the scourge of the XXI century.

Ученые на примере крыс доказали эффективность кофеина для похудения

In Russia and Europe are overweight 20% of the population. In the US, the figure reaches 36% and growing every year. Obesity adversely affects health and is a cause of serious diseases. Overweight growing due to poor lifestyle and lack of physical activity.

Scientists during the month of rats fed harmful food, including 15% from protein and 40% carbohydrates. The remaining fraction contained fats. Control groups were given mate tea, natural and synthetic caffeine. The analysis showed that “caffeine” rats scored 22% less fat and 16% less weight.

Researchers believe that caffeine affects the Fasn gene responsible for the synthesis of fatty acids, which are multifunctional enzymes.

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