Research: bees know how to “scream” in a moment of danger

Research: bees can scream in times of danger

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In the scientific journal Royal Society Open Science, a study was published that bees can “ scream '' when they are in danger.

Researchers have found out that Apis Cerana bees (Chinese wax bees) make sounds similar to human screams when hornets attack their hive. At the same time, the bees “ scream '' not using vocal cords, but actively flapping their wings.

“There is something very human and very familiar about these sounds,” said Dr. Heather Mattila of Wellesley College, who led the study.
< br /> During the experiment, scientists placed paper impregnated with the smell of hornets next to the hive. The first reaction of the bees was a “ scream '', which is a warning of an attack and a call to action.

In addition, Apis Cerana can block the entrance to the hive with animal feces, the smell of which scares off hornets.

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