Rescuers told how many people died on water bodies with the beginning of the year

Спасатели рассказали, сколько людей погибло на водоемах с начала года

The holiday season on the water is just beginning.

In Ukraine since the beginning of year on reservoirs killed 274 people, among them 25 children, reports the with reference to Browser.

As stated in the press service gschs, the most common cause of drowning is the failure to observe the rules of safe behavior. In particular, is swimming in unequipped places and overestimation of your own abilities.

According to rescuers, only during the 30 may killing 5 people.

In the state service for emergency situations urged to observe basic safety rules, in particular: to bathe only on specially equipped beaches, never dive in unfamiliar places, do not leave children unattended and not to allow them to independently explore the local lakes and rivers.

Also, the Ministry urged not to go far from shore and never swim alone, especially if not confident in his abilities; not to go into the water in a state of intoxication; not to sail the boat in strong gusts of wind.

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