Representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry: Angelina Jolie was specially brought under rocket fire

 Representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry: Angelina Jolie was specially brought under rocket fire

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Head of the Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Envoy Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, holder of many orders M.V. Zakharova posted an amazing post on her telegram channel. In it, she tells the secret springs of Angelina Jolie's visit to Ukraine:

“For two weeks, as once in Budyonnovsk, Kyiv terrorists are holding civilians hostage at Azovstal, preventing them from leaving, from leaving the location of the remnants of the Dobrobatovskaya” militants.

The Russian Ministry of Defense constantly announced humanitarian corridors, guaranteeing life and assistance to those who escaped.

The UN got involved, the Red Cross got involved. Now it is obvious to the whole world that it was the armed Ukrainian national formations that did not release people there. The West and Kyiv can't get away.

What are the geniuses of Western PR doing in these conditions to prevent public opinion from doubting the mainstream even for a second?

They call the most hyped representative of everything in the world – Angelina Jolie. It's so easy to sell it to the layman: “A world-famous actress came under rocket fire in Ukraine.” She is also a goodwill ambassador, although the UN hastened to disown its involvement in her Lviv vacation. She also visited Syrian refugees and African starving people. None of them, however, did not get any easier from this. But this is of no interest to anyone. The main goal has been achieved – the attention of the world press has been diverted from Azovstal.

Such attempts to “interrupt the agenda” very easy to read, they are naive and primitive. The logical chain is as follows: popularity should work for populism.

That's the difference in mentality. The great Russian artist and public figure Iosif Kobzon negotiated with the terrorists on Dubrovka and took the children out of there, not fake, but really risking his life. American stars only know how to PR".

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