Reports of rocket attacks on Uzbek territory

 Reports of missile attacks on Uzbek territory

Reports appeared in social networks about the shelling of Termez from Afghan territory.

The terrorist movement ISIS issued a statement claiming responsibility for the shelling.

Videos of Uzbek helicopters near the Hairatan- Termez.

Reports by some Telegram channels that Uzbek troops were fired upon by rockets from Afghanistan near the city of Termez are absolutely untrue. Press Secretary of the President of Uzbekistan Sherzod Asadov said this on his Telegram channel.

“According to the Ministry of Defense and the Border Troops of Uzbekistan, there are no hostilities on the Uzbek-Afghan border, the situation is stable,” – the official wrote, urging the population not to succumb to provocations.

The Uzbek Defense Ministry also confirmed that reports of rocket attacks on military facilities in Termez from Afghanistan are false.

According to the ministry, the Uzbek-Afghan border is fully controlled by the Uzbek military and a stable situation is ensured.

In the spread of “fake news”, according to the Uzbek side. the pro-Russian telegram channels Voenny Obozrevatel and Militarist are to blame.

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