Report of the Ministry of Education on students who received bagrut

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 Report of the Ministry of Education on students who received bagrut

The Ministry of Education has published data on the situation in the education system ("tmunah chinuhit") in high schools for the 2021 academic year. The Ministry of Education released the data on 11 September. It is clarified that this was done in order to get the most realistic picture possible, the analysis of the situation in the education system included 10 indicators divided into 3 topics: learning and achievement, values ​​and student dropout. According to the data, the proportion of graduates who received a certificate of secondary education increased by 2.6% and amounted to 76% of their total number. In the previous year, this figure was 73.4%. The number of students who received “bagrut” increased by 1%. by 5 units of mathematics (from 15.6% to 16.6%), and the number of students who received “bagrut” increased by 1.4%. by 5 units in English (from 41.5% to 42.9%). The dropout rate increased by 0.4% and amounted to 1%. Among the Jewish populations "bagrut" received by 77.8% of students (2% improvement) – of them in secular schools – 86.3% (improvement by 2.4%), in state-religious – 87.7% (1.8% improvement), ultra orthodox – 26.2% (2.2% improvement); among the Arab population – 74.5% (improvement by 5.1%), in the Druze sector – 91.3% (2.1% improvement), in the Bedouin sector – 60.4% (2.3% improvement). The Ministry of Education also published data on student funding. It follows from them that more funds are allocated for students in the periphery than for students in the center of the country. As a comparison, NIS 19,079 is allocated per elementary school student in the northern district. per year, and in the Tel Aviv district – NIS 16,032 NIS 23,364 per high school student in the north district and NIS 23,364 per student in the central district – NIS 19,418 in year. “Studying the data allows us to learn about the level of student achievement and what is happening throughout the education system, as well as gives us an idea of ​​the weaknesses in the system and where we need to intervene in a targeted manner. Schools not only provide knowledge, but also educate, and therefore, along with the importance of encouraging academic achievement, they must provide their graduates with a protected environment, instill values, relevant skills and provide the necessary tools for life. The reforms and programs starting in the upcoming academic year will help achieve these goals in the coming years,” said Education Minister Yifat Shasha-Biton.

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