Report: Iran upgrades UAVs used by Russia in Ukraine

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 Report: Iran upgraded UAVs used by Russia in Ukraine

Iran is modifying kamikaze drones supplied to Russia so that the drones can cause maximum damage to infrastructure in Ukraine,

According to CNN, this is stated in a report by a British analytics company Conflict Armament Research (CAR).

It is specified that the experts studied the unexploded warhead of the Shahed-131 drone, which was found near Odessa in October 2022. According to the conclusions, the manufacturer modified the warhead of the UAV by adding small metal fragments to it, which scatter over a long distance during the explosion.

Also, 18 small additional charges were added that can enhance the explosion and penetrate armor. Thus, the manufacturer has significantly increased the ability of warheads on strike drones to hit power plants, power lines and transformers, complicating repair work after impact. It is assumed that the goal was to increase the radius of destruction and make the drone more destructive.

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