Report: in the education system of Israel – a shortage of personnel and equipment

 Report: Israeli education system – lack of staff and equipment

Israel's healthcare system lacks manpower and equipment.

According to a report from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.
< br /> It is clarified that on average, there are three hospital beds per thousand people in Israel, while the OECD average is 4.4 beds. Israeli emergency departments have 2.2 beds per 1,000 people, while the OECD – 3.5.

According to the ministry, the Israeli healthcare system has undergone significant changes during the coronavirus pandemic. They should influence several factors in future OECD reports.

Also during the comparison, there was a shortage of doctors in the Jewish State. There are 3.29 doctors and 5 nurses per thousand people, in OECD countries – 3.69 and 9.4, respectively.

A small number of hospital beds and medical staff created a burden on the healthcare system, as a result of which, during each wave of morbidity, hospital departments were filled to capacity.
< br /> Israel also lags behind in terms of availability of medical equipment. The number of MRI machines per million people is more than three times lower than the OECD average – 5.1 versus 17. CT machines – 9.7 per million versus 25.8.

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