Repatriation to Israel from Russia quadrupled

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 Repatriation to Israel from Russia quadrupled

According to the Ministry of Absorption and Integration, 32,494 Russian citizens repatriated to Israel in 2022.

According to new statistics, in 2022 the number of repatriates from Russia increased by more than than by 400% compared to the previous year.
In addition, 14,450 people arrived from Ukraine, 3,280 people – from North America, 1,957 people – from France and 1750 – from Belarus.

As of mid-November, a total of about 61,000 immigrants arrived in Israel, which is more than 200% more than in 2021.

Next week Ofek Israel will hold a special conference in Ashdod for emissaries who work with Jewish communities around the world and work towards repatriation under the Law of Return. The conference will cover in detail the various absorption programs offered to immigrants.

“In recent years, the encouragement of immigration to Israel has been carried out with the help of hundreds of emissaries located around the world”,– Ofek Israel CEO Shimon Cohen said on Wednesday. He explained that “when the right information is correctly distributed to Jews around the world, tens of thousands of people return to Israel.”

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