Rental law in the universities already in force: what will change and who will benefit

Закон об аренде в вузах уже в силе: что изменится и кто воспользуется

Deputies of the Verkhovna Rada allowed to more freely to dispose of premises of educational institutions

Law No. 2661-VIII, the Parliament of Ukraine adopted on 20 December 2018. Edit amended part 4 of article 80 of the law of Ukraine “On education”. On 18 January, the document was published on the official website of the Verkhovna Rada, attaching an explanatory note. It is noted that the new measures come into force from the day following publication.

From 19 January 2019 universities can pass their property to rent to other organizations. But only for support of the educational process or student services. Schools will be able to exercise this right, if you are not able to provide students with the necessary services.

Закон об аренде в вузах уже в силе: что изменится и кто воспользуется

The authors of the act stressed that the leadership of the institutions it is forbidden to rent for other purposes. In addition, the property of state and municipal institutions must not be privatized. In the rest of the estate can be disposed of with the permission of the governing body. That is, Supervisory (Board of Trustees).

The latter can attract additional sources of financing, pursuant to part 5 of article 29 of the law “On education”. And article 79 provides that the educational institution may receive additional income from the sale of products of educational-production workshops, enterprises, shops and farms. It also says that rent not only space, but also equipment and service installations.

Закон об аренде в вузах уже в силе: что изменится и кто воспользуется

Previously, the General Director of the Directorate of higher education and adult education of the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine Oleg Sharov warned about the imminent rise in price of education in Ukraine. Soon much less Ukrainians will be able to find the money for the contract.

The expert said that some universities offer amount “frankly below cost” services. Thus leadership attracts students. Instead of 26-27 thousand some colleges offer contracts for 7-10 thousand. That is, more than 2 times cheaper. Oleg Sharov urged to eliminate dumping by 2020.

We will remind, Ukrainians have called the most popular job where you don’t need education.

As reported Politeka, the law on bullying in school has already entered into force. It became known as Ukrainians will be able to counteract the bullying.

Also Politeka wrote that fateful Church law stirred up the Ukraine and caused heated discussions in social networks.

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