Renowned corruption fighter brutally killed under the Windows of the mothers: “the Snow turns red”

Известного борца с коррупцией жестоко убили под окнами мамы: "Снег стал красным"

The head of the center of counteraction of corruption beaten to death on the doorstep

Head of public organization “Center of counteraction of corruption in bodies of state power” in Voskresensk, Moscow region Dmitry Mushrooms died 11 February after beating unknown. This was announced by the Chairman of the Council of the organization Viktor Kostromin.

He said that Gribova the night before was attacked by several masked men. A man came to visit elderly mother. It all happened in front of neighbors, right in the entrance of masked men beat him with metal rods. The witness was a local resident, he threatened to call the police, then fled unknown.

Mushrooms have been hospitalized with concussion and traumatic brain injury. At 23:20, Dmitry died in intensive care the first district hospital.

Известного борца с коррупцией жестоко убили под окнами мамы: "Снег стал красным"

The reasons for the attack is unknown. Kostromin suggests that this was due to “the inaction of law enforcement bodies”.

“Two years ago there was a domestic conflict on the road, and Dmitry was beaten by three people. He sought initiation of criminal proceedings, he burned the car, he applied to the court for the inaction of the police, and finally succeeded to start proceedings against one of the attackers”, – said Kostromin.

According to him, in the day of the attack (Monday), held a hearing in this case.

Mushrooms had in Russia information support in combating corruption authorities, legal and natural persons, amounted to statements of claim and complaints, offered to represent the client in courts of all instances, as well as the police,Prosecutor’s office and in any other organizations and institutions.

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Известного борца с коррупцией жестоко убили под окнами мамы: "Снег стал красным"

Earlier it was reported that on 11 February there was information about the alleged organizer of the attack on the Kherson activist Catherine Gandzyuk. Yuriy Lutsenko held a briefing on which has told the media about a suspect Vladislav manger.

According to the Prosecutor General, the Chairman of the Kherson regional Council is the apex of this crime. The official organized the murder, because Catherine Gandzyuk interfered with his selfish interests, as an Advisor of the mayor of Kherson. Elimination had another goal: the intimidation of other activists and residents of the region.

We will remind, unknown photo Gandzyuk published for the first time: “not just killed, Katya had been tortured”.

As reported Politeka, Gandzyuk was raising money for the prosthesis, where the murderer went to kill her.

Politeka also wrote that Ukrainian journalists discovered the “hunt”.

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