Renault will release a budget electric car

Renault випустить бюджетний електромобіль

Renault is preparing to release an extremely budget electric car

In terms of electrification of the model range of Renault group for the next two years announced budget city electric under the brand Dacia. The document contains the annual report of Renault for the year 2019. Probably city car Dacia “on batteries” will be a modernized version of the City K-ZE for the Chinese market.

In the report, Renault no details about cheap electric car for the European market, which will be produced under the Dacia name: known only to the indicative dates for its debut year 2021-2022.

Just over three years the French company will release six new cars and three electrified modification of existing models, including electric Twinzo Z. E. on the platform of Smart.

Renault випустить бюджетний електромобіль

Most likely, for Europe adapting electric subcompact crossover Renault City K-ZE, which debuted in China in September last year. During the premiere said that the City K-ZE – a “global” model, and the head of the “electric” division, Gilles Normand, Renault did not deny that “a special version of K-ZE will be sold in the European market”.

Recall that the “Chinese” Renault City K-ZE – crossover 3735 millimeters in length with a 44-horsepower (92 Nm) electric motor, front-wheel drive, ground clearance of 150 mm and a power reserve of 271 km on the NEDC cycle. In China the basic electric SUV valued at 61 800 yuan.

So it looks like a Chinese City K Renault-ZE:

Renault випустить бюджетний електромобіль

Renault випустить бюджетний електромобіль

Renault випустить бюджетний електромобіль

It is expected that the crossover under the brand Dacia will be different from the Chinese equivalent of modern security systems, rich equipment and extended range. Improvements will lead to an increase in prices, however, the head of Dacia has repeatedly stressed that models the Romanian company are at least 20 percent less than proportional to the Renault. In this case, the electric Dacia will be much more accessible for environmentally friendly rivals from the Volkswagen group.

Within three years hybrid version can appear in all European bestsellers Dacia – Logan sedan, the Sandero hatchback, the Duster crossover, the Lodgy microvan and Dokker van. The electrification of the cheapest models will be forced, otherwise the Renault group will have to pay fines to the environmental.

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