Renate Reinsve (33) answers the Oscar speculations

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Renate Reinsve (33) answers the Oscar speculations

The whole world is talking about Norwegian Renate Reinsve (33). The actor who plays Julie in the new big movie of Joachim Trier, The World’s Worst Man.

The film is the 33-year-old’s major international breakthrough, after she won the award for best female lead in July at the Cannes Film Festival. Now – three months later it is ready for the Norwegian premiere.

– Incredibly many media have written about the film, but no one has really seen it, so now it’s nice to share it. Now it’s not just our movie, but everyone’s. It’s great, says Reinsve to TV 2.

The 33-year-old graduated from the Norwegian Theater Academy in 2013. She has had various roles in several films and series, including Kompani Orheim and Nesten Voksen, as well as a supporting role in the forerunner of The World’s Worst Man, namely the film Oslo on 31 August. But this is clearly her breakthrough.

– What do you think about the whole world rejoicing over what you have done?

– It’s absolutely fantastic and slightly absurd, but it’s just incredibly nice.

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Possible Oscar nominee

Following the Cannes Grand Prix, several international media outlets have predicted Reinsve as a possible Oscar nominee.

In the trade magazine Variety, she is listed as number ten on the list of possible candidates. At the top of the list is Kristen Stewart, who plays the lead role in the film Spencer, which premieres in November.

Reinsve tells TV 2 that she has seen that she is high above expected Oscar candidates.

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– Yes, I’ve seen the list. It’s absolutely amazing! But no matter what happens now, we have experienced the greatest thing: To be in Cannes, and win an award in Cannes, she says.

– Everything that happens from here on out is just fantastic. Just the fact that someone thinks we can be nominated is good enough for us in a way, says the 33-year-old.

The nominations for the 94th Academy Awards will be announced in early February 2022. It will honor the best films released since March 1.

Experiencing high expectations

Renate Reinsve admits that she has been a little nervous lately, for what people here at home should think of the film after all the attention it has received.

– The expectations are insanely high now, so of course I am very excited.

At the same time, she is confident that people will have a great experience of watching the film, which premieres on Friday 15 October in Norwegian cinemas.

And if the attention in recent months has changed her as a person, she does not hope so.

– I do not feel that I have changed that much. I may feel that others around me look at me differently. But I’m still the same, so I think it’s going to last.

Reinsve to TV 2: – It would have been very fun to see what Hollywood is

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