Remarkable accuracy: toad-gamer was the star of Twitter

Чудова влучність: жаба-геймер стала зіркою Twitter

A frog who knows how to play the game

Everyone chooses a pet, but this guy has a rather unusual pet with an original talent. Have you ever seen a frog gamer? Then the time to rate this video.

In the social network Twitter in just a few days of video with skilled frog has collected more than 166 thousand views. And it’s not just that it’s quite a popular option of home animals.

On account of the owner includes it on your smartphone game where you have to catch insects, and puts it right in front of the toad. And for a minute you can see a great result for a representative of amphibians, which caught almost all insects. However, remained hungry. Obviously, that’s what made “pet” grab the finger master.

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