Relatives about the state of the state of Gverdtsiteli: She is very ill

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 Relatives about Gverdtsiteli's condition: She is very ill

In show business, they are seriously worried about the health of Tamara Gverdtsiteli: the star is in critical condition. She has lost the meaning of life and refuses all concerts and performances. Gverdtsiteli's producer Sergei Pudovkin confirmed to MK: the artist – catastrophic situation.

— Tamara Mikhailovna is in a very difficult emotional state, — Pudovkin says. — Unfortunately, I can't talk about returning to the stage. She's in a catastrophic, terrible situation. Tamara Mikhailovna cannot live without her mother. I understand her: I myself lost my parents. And I can call absolute stupidity the statement that time heals. Doesn't heal. It just makes this understanding more and more inevitable. Tamara Mikhailovna was an inseparable whole with her mother: she lived by her, returning home, showing all her achievements. There are situations when mother and daughter cannot live without each other. This case is like this.

— They said that Tamara Mikhailovna ended up in the hospital after the funeral & hellip;

— Yes, she was in the hospital, now she is at home. But the state of a person does not depend on where he is physically: in the hospital or at home. She is very sick, and I don't know how to help. We just talked yesterday: she cries non-stop.

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