Relations with Russia – new Pew Research Center study

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 Relations with Russia - New Pew Research Center Study

The attitude towards Russia in democratic countries can be described as very bad.

This is evidenced by the results of a new study by Pew Research Center in 18 countries . A very bad and partly bad attitude towards this country is stated by:

▪️in Poland (97%),
▪️Australia (94%),
▪️Sweden (94%),
▪️USA (92%),
▪️Netherlands (91%),
▪️Japan (91%),
▪️Canada (88%),
▪️Spain (87%),
▪️Great Britain (86%),
▪️South Korea (84%),
▪️Italy (83%),
▪️Belgium (83%),
▪️France (81%),
▪️Germany (81%),
▪️Israel (78%),
▪️Singapore (70%) and Malaysia (50%).
▪️It is noteworthy that even in Orthodox Greece, a negative attitude towards Russia dominates (72%).

On the other hand, Syria, North Korea, Eritrea, Nicaragua and Cuba have a good attitude towards Russia.

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