Rejuvenated Alla Pugacheva “resolved spring” in Israel

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 Rejuvenated Alla Pugacheva "allowed spring" in Israel

The prima donna “allowed spring” every year on the first Sunday in March. The artist came up with this tradition herself and called this day the Yellow Tulip Festival. At her castle in the village of Gryaz, fans gathered with bouquets of flowers, and the singer from the balcony uttered the same phrase: “I allow spring.” Then the star's mansion was filled with close friends, they celebrated the return of warmth together.

However, Alla Borisovna's country house has been empty for the second year. But the Primadonna does not change the tradition and “allows the spring” while in Israel, where she lives with her family after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Pugacheva published a photo where she appeared noticeably younger, and signed the publication, accompanied by emoticons in the form of yellow daisies: “Happy first Sunday of spring!”

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