Rehabilitation centers in Europe will treat crypto addiction

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 Rehabilitation centers in Europe will treat crypto addiction

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A new service for the treatment of crypto addiction has appeared in the rehabilitation center The Balance. One of the center's patients, trader Don, spent up to $200,000 a week on crypto transactions. After that, he and his family decided that he should undergo treatment.

As part of the rehabilitation, Don lived in a private villa with a personal butler and chef, and his treatment included psychotherapy, massage, yoga and cycling . Four weeks cost him $75,000.

At Swiss Paracelsus Recovery, crypto addiction treatment programs last a month and a half and cost $104,000 a week. Clients are offered an individual diet, yoga, acupuncture, blood tests and, if necessary, medication.

Most rehabilitation centers operate in the luxury segment and also treat drug and alcohol addictions and eating disorders. Five clinics said they had received hundreds of client inquiries about crypto addiction over the past two years.

requires psychotherapy, changes in habits and environment, sometimes drugs. That being said, while crypto addiction has a lot in common with gambling addiction, it can be more powerful.

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