Regina todorenko stunned “by the width of the pelvis” in a swimsuit: “Smashed”, photo

Регина Тодоренко ошарашила "шириной таза" в купальнике: "Разнесло", фото

Popular singer and TV presenter Regina todorenko recently became a mother

Today in your personal account popular among users of the social network – a young mother Regina todorenko shares photos taken during the pregnancy.

The TV star also tells of his adventures during pregnancy and gives advice to young, inexperienced moms that you can do, and what not during pregnancy.

So your new photo in swimsuit Regina showed no constraint on it she’s on her sixth month of pregnancy posing on the beach in Greece in a blue swimsuit.

Регина Тодоренко ошарашила "шириной таза" в купальнике: "Разнесло", фото

To photo of Regina has added a large signature:

“On the 6th month we went on vacation to Greece. Of course, pregnant women can not endure all the treatments, so I chose the most useful. The best procedure for me was the pool, more like a giant Jacuzzi , which I was able to lift the voltage a little bit to break resulting fat on the thighs and in the end a SWIM!”.

Регина Тодоренко ошарашила "шириной таза" в купальнике: "Разнесло", фото

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Regina said that she did it strictly under the supervision of a physician:

“By the way, from the beginning of pregnancy I had a terrible desire to swim, but at home I shower and in the bathroom not float away. I began to notice that as soon as you take a shower, then laugh like crazy. Endorphins attacked. The water brought joy, and I still don’t understand why. But with 6 month I swam in the pool almost every day. Damn it tones, you get power, although I used to not like pools, preferred them to the lazy lying on the water. When I came the first time in a pool 2 months after the pyelonephritis, the coach shouted as follows: “Regina, you know that you’re pregnant?” I’m sticking my head out of the water, replied: “Me? Yes, of course, you know, what?”. “Slow down, and then if you cross the pass.”

Регина Тодоренко ошарашила "шириной таза" в купальнике: "Разнесло", фото

She added:

“…That day I swam 1.5 km and Seized!!!

After the pool, I definitely went to the Hamam. ATTENTION: NOT FOR LONG! I estimated their strength and the risks. In my mind was the attitude: “do not harm the health of the baby.” In the Hamam I felt like my lower back relaxes and all joints are movable , takes the tension. And complete my ritual of RUBBING it with ICE (snow-machine is in the gym). So kill me, but I was sure that all this will help me to strengthen the immune system. And I was not mistaken : for the entire period of pregnancy never cold. Health to each of you!!!”.

Users actively comment on new photo of Regina Todorenko – many people write her with compliments, some criticism: “Well, the width of the pelvis”, “Smashed, but always beautiful.”

We will remind, Todorenko was in the hospital due to serious illness

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