Regina Todorenko caught in a lie: Not pregnant

Регину Тодоренко уличили во лжи: Не беременна

Ukrainian TV presenter Regina todorenko, again shared with fans the nice photos, which revealed her secret

Despite the fact that the 28-year-old Regina todorenko is on the last month of pregnancy, she continues to lead an active life: in yoga, it removes its own the show, attend various events and constantly updates its photo network Instagram.

Famous Ukrainian singer and TV presenter Regina todorenko, who has been living and working in Russia and married a Russian singer Vlad Topalov, continues to amaze fans.

Регину Тодоренко уличили во лжи: Не беременна

Регину Тодоренко уличили во лжи: Не беременна

So, this time the star has posted on his page in social network Instagram a new photo, where she, being in her last month of pregnancy, faces a table on which lay fruits.

“Rebyata, there is the same lenivye like me???))) I hope there is) I am one of those people who sometimes likes to waste your life on the Internet😆 , choosing online gifts, clothes, food, etc… Although many such resources — it saves precious time. “, — has signed a snapshot of Regina.

And the singer asked his followers if they have any favorite resources on which they buy products online.

Fans immediately started to answer the question and shares his experience in acquisition purchases on these sites:

Регину Тодоренко уличили во лжи: Не беременна

“I love to climb on the stores”, “Platypus expensive and often order one, and bring another brand. Type “cheese Lambert, we have replaced the similar. Here you every day cheese”, “I do Not like going to the store, and the products also would be happy to buy online, I prefer shopping in person. And then look at the pictures expectation and reality, when the product arrives not the same and somehow the desire to buy something on the Internet immediately lost”, “This is important, especially for those living in the province”.

Also followers could not understand where did the belly of the singer and even suggested that she made up the pregnancy, because in this picture that can not be seen:

“Where’s the belly ?!”, “Regina isn’t pregnant. She’s got this way!!!”, “Now think of it, had to congratulate will”, “Belly not to be seen.”

We will remind, Regina todorenko close for the first time showed a wedding ring.

As reported Politeka, Todorenko openly admitted to what brought her pregnancy.

Also Politeka wrote that the pregnant Todorenko was brought to tears

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