Reforestation: Senegalese to plant 5 million trees

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 Reforestation: Senegalese plant 5 million trees

A Senegalese plans to plant five million trees within five years. This was reported by the BBC.

Senegalese resident Adam Diem came up with this idea when he returned home from Europe and discovered that the forests in his homeland had been cut down for industrial needs.

In an interview with the BBC, Adam said: “In some villages you won't find a single tree. They cut them down, but don't think about planting them again.”

The man created the Ununukolaal organization, invested $5,000 in it, and attracted like-minded people. Today, they plant up to 12 species of plants, including palms, tamarinds and lemon trees.

More than 142,000 seedlings have taken root over the past three years. Adam and his team now have the ambitious goal of planting 5 million trees within a 5 years.

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