Reflections in Ecuador on word and identity from silences

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Reflections in Ecuador on word and identity from silences

This content was published on 03 October 2021 – 20:42

03 October 2021 – 20:42

Quito, Oct 3 (EFE) .- The artist Raúl Ayala together with the documentary filmmakers Isabel Rodas and Gabriel Páez, proposes in Ecuador to reflect, through the arts, on the word and identity based on what is inherited and the silences from the official story.

Ecuadorian artists start from an investigation with different spokesmen of the Puruwá culture to portray the knowledge transmitted between generations, they indicated this Sunday to Efe close to the artists.

And for this, they have unveiled the mural “Shimika Parlakun Makika Rurakun” (Saying by doing) at the Riobamba Museum and Cultural Center, which is accompanied by a documentary.

The collaboration between plastic art and documentary generates an exchange between artistic practices that can be read separately, but when joined together they complement each other to find meaning between the stories of history.

The point of union between plastic art and documentary is found in the desire to tell stories about living memory, they indicate.

Art is a process of transformation with which intentional acts of listening can be shared and created, and now that the mural is outside the Museum and Cultural Center of Riobamba, it is time to continue sharing into the future and the new generations, they added.

The installation of the mural is only the starting point for a dialogue that activates the public space.

“This work raises, among other things, the need to get closer through the fabric between different generations and proposes to reflect on language and identity based on what we inherit,” they commented.

Raúl Antonio Ayala is a visual artist and educator focused on the production of murals, drawing, and public art. His work attempts to question the normative historical parameters of coloniality by combining and juxtaposing a wide spectrum of primary sources, generally pointing to a collaborative and co-creative process.

Isabel Rodas is executive producer at Filmarte, where she produces and directs the project “Encuentros con el cine”, an alternative cinema training, production and distribution chain with two premiered feature films: “Santa Elena en Bus” (2012) and “Vengo Voljando” (2015).

Gabriel Páez is a producer, director, screenwriter and editor with more than 15 years of experience in the audiovisual field. With three feature films released and distributed nationally and internationally, he has won several awards and recognitions for his work as Director and Film Editor. EFE


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