Reddit hacker attack: source code hacked and data stolen

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 Reddit hacked: source code hacked and data stolen

Reddit – one of the largest and most popular forums in the world. It allows users to post their own news stories and discuss them.
By successfully compromising one of the employees, the hackers managed to gain access to the company's internal business systems, steal internal documents and source code.

Reddit representatives say that the attackers used a phishing site that imitated one of the company's internal resources. Employees were lured there and in the end they succeeded. The attackers stole account information and a two-factor authentication token.

“After successfully obtaining the credentials of one of the employees, the attackers gained access to some internal documents, code, as well as a number of internal dashboards and business systems. We have found no signs of hacking into our main production systems“,– According to the statement.

Reddit reports that the breach became known after an employee independently realized what had happened and reported the incident to the company's security service. company contact information and contact details of some current and former employees. In addition, the stolen data contained information about advertisers, but information about bank cards, passwords, and ad performance metrics was not disclosed.

While Reddit does not provide almost any details about the phishing attack so far, it does say that passwords and user accounts are safe.

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