Record number of dead dolphins washed up on French beaches

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 Record number of dead dolphins washed up on French beaches

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Scientists say the main cause of death for dolphins is fishing gear they get entangled in, writes The Guardian.

Advocacy groups say it's time for dolphin populations off the west coast France is about to expire and are calling on the government to ban fishing in areas where these animals are at risk.

A record number of dead dolphins have washed up on the country's Atlantic beaches over the past month, but activists believe that this is only a small part those who were injured or killed by fishing boats and tackle. Scientists from the Pelagis Marine Mammal and Bird Observatory at the University of La Rochelle. Between December 1 and January 25, 370 dead dolphins were found in the Gulf of Gascony.

“This situation is worrying and concerns not only France, but also neighboring countries,” Pelagis reports. .

Lamia Essemlali, president of Sea Shepherd France, notes that the number of dolphins stranded on beaches — this is the “tip of the iceberg” and losses could be many times higher.

According to her, in order to solve the problem, the authorities should close certain areas to fishing boats during certain periods.

Sea Shepherd France estimates that the true mortality rate of dolphins off the west coast could be as high as 11,000 out of a population of
180,000-200,000 individuals.

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