Record holder: the oldest dog in the world celebrated his birthday

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 Record holder: the oldest dog in the world celebrated its birthday

The oldest dog in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records, a metischihuahua named Spike, celebrated his 23rd birthday.

According to The Mirror, the dog received certificate.

Spike celebrated his birthday on December 7th. His current owner, Rita Kimball of Camden, Ohio, adopted the dog in August 2009. The dog was in a terrible state. For several days he sat outside a grocery store, where the employees were feeding the poor fellow with leftovers. > “He had all the hair on his back erased, there were bloody wounds on his neck from a chain or rope, and, in general, he looked pretty creepy,” — Kimball remembered.

She and her family decided to take the Chihuahua into their home. Spike immediately felt at home. Now the dog lives on a farm in the company of horses, cows and cats. Spike wakes up at 7 am and actively spends time, despite his respectable age by dog ​​standards.

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