Recommendations of the Home Front Service for the population in case of a powerful earthquake

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 Home Front Services recommendations for the population in case of a powerful earthquake

Against the backdrop of a powerful earthquake in Turkey and Syria, recorded in the evening of February 20, in Syria and Turkey, the echoes of which were felt in Israel, the Home Front Service published instructions for the population.

It is specified that a more powerful earthquake will shake the country, alarm sirens will give a short signal along with the announcement “Earthquake”, which will be repeated several times.

The Israelis were advised to install a special application on their phones that will send alerts within a few seconds after the Geological Survey detected seismic activity. Those in buildings should try to get out into the open and stay away from buildings, trees, cables, and other objects that could collapse.

If this is not possible, it is recommended to enter the fortified premises in the building. Moreover, the entrance to such a shelter should be left open. You can also go to the stairwell or sit in the corner of the room and cover your head with your hands.

Those who are in the car at this moment should pull over and stop until the tremors stop. It is undesirable to stop under bridges or at intersections.

After an earthquake, those who are in the coastal zone at sea should move at least one kilometer from the coast in case of a tsunami, or enter buildings and climb at least the fourth floor .

The Israelis were also urged to prepare an “alarm suitcase” in advance for such situations. with your essentials and store it in an easily accessible place. It should contain at least three liters of water for each family member, dry rations, a flashlight with batteries, information reception equipment, spare batteries for a mobile phone or a power bank, medical supplies and hygiene items.

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