Reasons to buy a multicooker

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 Reasons to buy a multicooker

Slow cooker – relatively new kitchen appliances, which, however, quickly gained popularity among a wide audience of consumers. How much do you need this technique, will you use it? Let's try to answer these questions.

If you still need a multicooker, you can buy it in Kyiv in the Foxtrot online store or on the official websites of the brands represented. The basic functionality of multicookers is identical, they differ only in cooking modes and convenient features like delayed start according to a schedule.


Multicooker – it is a fairly self-contained device. Yes, you can’t completely ignore it, but with a slow cooker, the chance that food will burn or boil away is much less than in a regular pan.

By and large, you just select the cooking mode for the dish, and the slow cooker does everything on its own. Many models have an automatic shutdown and heating function. Some models can be programmed to start, for example, in the early morning while you are still sleeping in order to have time to prepare breakfast.

Delicious prepared food

As mentioned above, this technique cooks according to the built-in menu. The more expensive the equipment, the more dishes it can cook. However, the basic set is enough to satisfy tastes.

The user of the multicooker only needs to choose a dish, and the device will do the rest by itself, including counting time and observing temperature conditions.

Healthy food< br />
Although multicookers usually have frying modes, most dishes are prepared in a “healthy way”; – or boiled, or steamed, or stewed. In addition, due to the thick walls, the multicooker is able to simmer dishes – so they retain more nutrients and vitamins.

By the way, that is why a slow cooker is often chosen by those who follow their diet or are on diets.


You can take the multicooker with you on trips where there is no kitchen. For example, at sea or on vacation. It is able to replace a full-fledged kitchen – it doesn't have an oven, but it offers all other cooking modes.


Practice shows that a multicooker can save a budget. Firstly, it does not use as much electricity as an oven or electric stove. Secondly, in this technique it is almost impossible to spoil the products. And the food that you have already cooked can be conveniently and quickly reheated, so nothing is wasted.

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