“Ready to go live.” Sinwar at Al Jazeera's office

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 "Ready to go live". Sinwar in the office" 

 Video circulating on social media of Sinwar responding to threats from Al Jazeera's office.

 “I'm not hiding here… I'm ready to go live now,” Yahya Sinwar said.<br /> <center></p>
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⭕️ شاهد | " أنا مش جاي متخبي.. مستعد أطلع مباشر الآن"
القائد يحيى السنوار خلال زيارته مكتب الجزيرة بغزة. pic.twitter.com/6lrzzqu8pk

— صوت الأقصى – عاجل (@Alaqsavoice_Brk) May 14, 2022

Previously The press reported that Sinwar visited the office of Al Jazeera to express his condolences in connection with the death of journalist Shirin Abu Akle.

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