“Razor removes the tan” and 5 more myths about shaving, that it’s time to dispel

Each girl chooses their own way of getting rid of unwanted hair.

«Бритва стирає загар» і ще 5 міфів про гоління, які давно пора розвіяти

Each girl chooses their own way of getting rid of unwanted hair. But today we’ll talk about shaving.

First, because this method is the most popular.

Secondly, because he is the most quick and painless. And, thirdly, we wanted to dispel the myths that talk about shaving.

Myth # 1: shaving my hair will grow faster, thicker and darker

Gillette scientists conducted a series of observations of how men and women shave affect human hair. The results proved that shaving does not affect hair growth nor change their colour or structure. Shaving can affect only the initial state after removal of the hair, as it changes the shape of the rod-growing hair. However, if you give the balance to recover completely, it will return to its original soft texture.

Myth No. 2: From shaving to wash my tan

Sunburn is the result of melanin deep under the skin. Shaving cannot affect its deletion, as it affects only the top layers of the skin. Moreover, shaving gives skin a radiant look, so the tan looks even more impressive.

«Бритва стирає загар» і ще 5 міфів про гоління, які давно пора розвіяти

Myth # 3: the more blades a razor — more cuts

Due to the fact that Venus razor designed for women, the likelihood of cuts or scratches very low. Razors with several blades to allow pressure to be evenly distributed: thus, one area of the skin during shaving accounts for less pressure, reducing the chance of a cut.

Myth # 4: shaving my skin will become dry and will peel off

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In fact, hair removal using razors helps skin stay softer by removing the top layer of dead skin cells. Before the procedure, you must prepare your skin with a shaving gel, Venus Satin Care for example, to reduce the risk of irritation. The skin on the feet is prone to dryness due to the small number of sebaceous glands, so you need to take care of her and regularly moisturize.

Myth # 5: Male and female remedies for hair removal do not differ anything, except ways to promote

Women and men remove hair under different circumstances and in different ways, so Venus and Braun shall be developed in accordance with women’s needs. For example, most women remove hair in the bath or in the shower, so choose Venus razors ergonomic design: the soft handle is comfortable to hold, even if it gets wet and the razor is repeated every curve of the female body and allow you to achieve a flawless smoothness, even in hard to reach places.

Myth # 6: Hair is all the same

Our hair is as unique as a fingerprint. Thickness, structure, color, and rate of hair growth differ for each person, that is why it is so important for every woman to find a solution to remove them that works for her.

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