Razer wants laptop-style popular pickup Cybertruck

Razer хоче випустити ноутбук у стилі популярного пікапа Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck inspires other companies

Pickup Cybertruck Tesla since the announcement does not come from the headlines of the main news agencies. Elon Musk has already managed to tell, what is this unusual design of the machine, and also revealed the source of inspiration for the design of the Tesla.

But I guess the car started to live my life. Head Razer suggested to Elon musk to release a collaborative notebook.

CEO of Razer Min-Liang tan posted on Twitter an appeal to Elon musk with a proposal of collaboration and release of the laptop-style pickup Cybertruck. He also shared the concepts of the device and were asked to choose a name for your future laptop: the Razer Blade or CyberBlade.

Min-Liang tan also said he wants to buy a pickup truck Cybertruck, but asked to make it in the company’s colors and with the logo of Razer on the body.

The founder of Tesla has not yet commented on the appeal of the head of Razer.

We will remind that earlier the famous manufacturer of children’s designer LEGO showed his version electropop.

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