Rarity for 500,000 euros: a unique Batmobile is up for sale

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 A rarity for 500,000 euros: a unique Batmobile is up for sale< /p>

In Germany, put up for sale a unique Batmobile, valued at 500,000 euros. The details of the rare car were revealed on his Instagram page. Auto from the movie "Batman v Superman" recreated down to the smallest detail. It is the only road-legal Batmobile in the world.

The Batmobile was built by a tuning studio that specializes in creating vehicles for the film industry. The creators faced a difficult task – to make the car as authentic as possible, but at the same time adapt it for operation on ordinary roads.

The fact is that the width of the original Batmobile reaches as much as 3 meters in width, and the car does not fit in the traffic lane. Therefore, the car was narrowed down to 2.4 m. This is the only Batmobile in the world officially approved for public roads.

The car is equipped with lambda doors that rise upwards. In the cabin, engineers installed sports seats and a touch screen, as well as separate screens for the front and rear cameras.

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