Rare coin of King Antiochus found in the house of the “black archaeologist”

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 A rare coin of King Antiochus was found in the house of “black archeologist” < /p>

Coin dated 169–164. BC, was found at the home of a suspect after he was caught walking through Ramot Menashe, a protected archaeological site, with a metal detector. After a search of the suspect's home, authorities found a rare coin among many other ancient artifacts, excavation tools and metal detectors.

Antiquities Authority coin researcher Dr. Danny Shion explained that the coin was minted in the city of Tzur by King Antiochus IV, when he granted special rights to 19 cities in the Seleucid kingdom.

“While the find is beautiful, we must not forget that the suspect broke the law. Many looted items were found in his house. The suspect claimed to be a geology enthusiast looking for quartz crystals and metals, but “in passing” also collected coins and ancient artifacts”, – said Nir Distelfeld, Antiquities Authority Anti-Robbery Prevention Inspector for the Northern Region. added Director General of the Antiquities Authority Eli Escosido. “Leaving finds out of context harms history for all of us and forever steals priceless information.”

The Antiquities Authority also confirmed that searching for artifacts using metal detectors at antiquities sites in Israel is prohibited by law. The fixed sentence for these crimes is three years in prison.

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