Rare autograph of Charles Darwin to be auctioned

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 Rare autograph of Charles Darwin to be auctioned

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A rare manuscript containing an excerpt from On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin will be auctioned off in November. The document, which is expected to fetch between £530,000 and £700,000, is said to be Darwin's most significant autographed manuscript, writes The Guardian.

Darwin's autographs are rare. In the 163 years that have passed since the publication of the work, some notes and leaves of Darwin's manuscript have been preserved. But autographs from Darwin, who was known for obsessively skimming through his publications and discarding pages from working drafts, were rare.

edition of On the Origin of Species.

It was written by Darwin in the autumn of 1865, four years after the publication of the third edition of On the Origin of Species, in response to a request from Hermann Kindt, editor of the Autographic Mirror. Kindt wrote to Darwin asking him to take a sample of his handwriting to reprint it in his journal, which focused on the era's greats, Sotheby's said.

Darwin provided him with a sheet of the manuscript, which will now be up for auction. According to the auction house, it was a “rare gesture of a person with illegible handwriting”, often signing his name in abbreviated letters.

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